Enjoy Some Really Special Restaurant Experiences In Stone Mountain GA

Enjoy Some Really Special Restaurant Experiences In Stone Mountain GA

The city of Stone Mountain is an Atlanta suburb, and it is home to just over 5,000 people. Stone Mountain is an actual natural attraction, but it is near the city and not actually within the city limits. The motto for this DeKalb County city is ‘A City of Vision,’ and it is a beautiful and cozy little town. You can expect some restaurants to fit that description. Let’s look at four of them to see what’s for dinner in Stone Mountain GA.

The first establishment is Metro Cafe Diner, and club sandwiches, Greek salads and burgers are some of the restaurant’s most popular menu items. What’s great about this place, too, is that you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there. You have to try the Crazy Cake, too. Reviews mention that the restaurant has been recently renovated, and by the way, people say that the place serves up a delicious gyro, too. The diner is located at 1905 Rockbridge Road.

Another great place to stop on by if you are vacationing in the Stone Mountain GA area is Sweet Potato Cafe. How cute is that restaurant name? Located at 5377 Manor Drive, Sweet Potato Cafe is known for shepherds pie, sweet potato pie and fried green tomatoes, among other things. This place features a comfortable and relaxing dining environment. The cafe is the whole package, the complete experience.

Village Corner is also a great place to stop by and enjoy a fine meal. It located at 6655 James B Rivers Memorial Drive, and it is known for its delicious German cuisine. The exterior of the building looks cool, and it is said to be a restaurant, bakery and tavern. Stop by for lunch and order up menu items like schnitzel, a sausage platter, Reuben, or a giant pretzel.

Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe is up next, and my mouth is already watering. Located at 5370 Stone Mountain Highway, this place known for its pizza pies also sells by the slice. Calzones, salads, wings and cold beer also await you when you stop by Stone Mountain Pizza Cafe.

Did you read about pizza and forget everything else? It happens, but don’t forget the other three picks, especially the cute cafe. Stone Mountain GA is a cute little city, and it will make you feel all warm and cozy. Each restaurant experience you have will be special and make for memories.